Rose Water 100ml/200ml


Produce using high-quality Bulgaria organic damask rose. Helps to lock in moisture, tighten pores and tones skin.

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  • Made using 100% Damascus rose famous for its superior quality.
  • Tightens pores and makes your skin more toned.
  • Helps lock in moisture.


  • **Contains NO Surfactant, NO preservative, NO alcohol (Chemicals added to usual cosmetic)
  • This rose water is made without preservatives and blended with rare natural essential oil. The rich rose aroma and natural moisturizing ingredients gently cover your skin.


Rosa damascena flower water

How to use

  • 1~2 Pushes
  • Use your palms alternately apply through massage in around 2~3 times.
  • **Recommend use after beauty oil as a finishing toner


Q: When to apply?
A: Apply after Oil Water Rose and or / Beauty Oil.

Q: Can be mixed to Esthe Powder?
A: Yes, it can be mixed with Esthe Power and used as a soluble foundation.