Skin Microbiome

In Black Paint, we believes the concept that healthy skin is beautiful skin. In order to have a healthy skin, we must look after the health of our microbiome, the bacteria all over the body.

“We may not see them, but we need them.”

The human microbiome is defined as the entirety of micro-organism living on and in the human body. It can also be called microbiota or microflora.

Why are bacteria so important to our skin and overall health?

The human microbiome is defined as the entirety of micro-organism living on and in the human body. It can also be called microbiota or microflora.

How to Protect Your Skin’s Microbiome?

Avoid using harsh products like antibacterial soaps and sanitizers that can strip away your skin’s natural barrier and negatively affect the microorganisms inhabiting it.

Black Paint products are designed to not interfere with the body’s natural biome and to help restore the natural microbiome.

How microbiome skincare works?

Repopulate Your Good Bacteria for a Healthy Glow. A strong, balanced microbiome is essential for a glowing, healthy complexion. While most skincare products aim to sterilize the skin microbiome with anti-bacterials, anti-fungals and synthetic preservatives, the BLACK PAINT is formulated to nourish and protect the bacteria that maintain beautiful skin naturally.

Balanced skin microbiome = healthy immune response = naturally healthy-looking skin.

Plant natural materials

Plant natural materials

We use more than 100 kinds of plant-derived oils, essential minerals and other natural ingredients such as silk, honey and brown sugar, together with various plant oils and essential oils from all over the world. Our products’ fragrance comes from steam-distilled essential oils, not synthetic perfumes. The usage of plant oils and organic ingredients has been approved by organic certification bodies in Germany and France.

Easy pore care

An average adult has around 200,000 pores on his or her face. Maintaining clean, healthy skin pores is important for maintaining healthy (and healthy looking) skin. Dirt and oil on pores may cause those pores get clogged and encourage the growth of bacteria which would causes inflammation and irritation. No matter how strong your cleanser/ facial wash is, it is almost impossible to extract all the waste inside the skin’s pores. But there is a better way discovered along ago by women who visited hot springs. When the alkaline water of the hot springs touched their skin (which is acidic) it triggered the skin to restore its normal balance by releasing more acid. This additional acid pushed out all the waste from within, leaving pores completely clean. That’s why BLACK PAINT has a slightly alkaline pH level. Most face cleansers use a solvent that removes makeup by melting its oils. Unfortunately, they also remove the skin’s natural oils and washes away the good with the bad. BLACK PAINT soap removes only makeup, with a gentle foaming film of vegetable oil that lets it slip easily off the skin’s surface.

Easy pore care

Human Microbiota is the microscopic organisms living in human body. The human skin is usually slightly acid, mostly due to the effect of sebum secretion by skin glands which contained lactic acid. Like our intestine, lactic acid bacteria act as a barrier to prevent microbes (other bacteria) from entering our body. Vital to skin health, these bacteria digest skin oil, dead cells and minerals from perspiration, turning them into a natural moisturizing cream that acts as a barrier between the inner skin and the outer environment. With essential moisture locked in and dirt out, skin stays soft, fresh and radiant. Using only natural ingredients without any preservatives, BLACK PAINT helps maintain the functionality of the bacteria in our skin which balances the skin’s immune system.

Easy pore care

Our skincare series is made of natural ingredients; does not use any synthetic preservatives, disinfectants, fragrances, colorings, anti-oxidants, or ultraviolet absorbers. We refuse to use them because many are already proven to cause cancer and other illnesses as well as damage the eco-system. What’s more, they can kill the beneficial bacteria that help skin maintain its natural beauty. Through BLACK PAINT soap, we hope to live in a globally safe environment despite our hectic lifestyle.

Made in Japan Halal Skincare

BLACK PAINT firm MYYUKI Company Limited receives halal certification for its production facility and products.

MYYUKI Company Limited (HQ: Kyoto city, Japan CEO: Mikyuki Maeda) has gained a HALAL certificate of Malaysian government ”JAKIM HALAL” via Japan Halal Association (Osaka, Japan) with BLACK PAINT Skincare’s manufacturing factory and products. The firm had been preparing to acquire Halal certification as a part of strategy to strengthen sales for the international market including those in the Islamic world such as South-East Asia and Middle East. After gaining this certificate, the company believes it has equipped its product line under the Islamic law and further more of maintaining sanitary manufacturing environment, to carefully choose safe and high quality ingredients, and strengthening the training for its employees. The company wants to show it is committed to its customer’s health that is where halal accreditation will depicts that to its customers’ safety and choice of ingredients is their first priority for product making process. The firm also wants to show that it has been carrying the attitude for keeping high quality of the products, using approximately a hundred different chemical-free ingredients including organic farmed and organic certified plant oils and essential oils from all over the world.

Japan: Black Paint skincare firm acquires halal certification
The Company said in a press release:

“BLACK PAINT” series (with no-Alcohol, and no ingredient originated from Pig) are ready to be out. Especially our representative soap, Black Paint soap has been awarded Grand Gold Medal for 9-consecutive years at the International High Quality Award at Monde Selection (HQ: Belgium) where they annually examine the quality level of products. Now, including this Black Paint soap, 7 categories (soap, liquid soap, cream, lotion, 2-layered lotion, essence, oil) have gained HALAL certification which will be 95% of our whole products.



BLACK PAINT has won 9 consecutive Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award winner. This award is globally renowned award run by International Institute for Quality Selections, Belgium that evaluate quality of each product and grant them the quality label under the category of Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Since 1961 Monde Selection has been evaluating, testing and awarding a large number of consumer products with its unique quality label.

Every year 70 international experts taste and test
products from all over the world in a completely independent way.

Depending on the results, these products will be granted Quality Awards that certify the quality of the products for consumers.

Different trophies are also awarded to companies that distinguish themselves through their constant efforts in maintaining and improving
the quality of their products over the years.