Best Water 100ml/200ml


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Contains 30 types of minerals. Re-hydrates skin and tightening pores. No alcohol. No preservative.

If you purchase this product you will earn 235-440 Points worth RM11.75-RM22.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 235-440 Points worth RM11.75-RM22.00!
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Benefits of Best Water

  • Deeply nourish skin with 32 types of natural minerals such as Potassium and Magnesium leaving skin feeling significantly soft and supple
  • Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its moisture balance
  • Helps improve skin texture and minimize pores after cleansing
  • No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants
  • Low irritation
  • 30 Types of Natural Mineral Facial Tone

This gentle toner should be your next step after cleansing with BLACK PAINT soap. Filled with 30 different minerals that the skin needs for healthy growth and repair, it penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum (the skin’s outer layer) to tighten pores and support the skin’s own moisture retention barrier.

Best Water is a powerful pore-minimizing toner

Minerals are essential to healthy skin function. Normally present in perspiration, they nourish the microbiota that is produced at the skin’s sebum layer, which holds moisture in and blocks dirt out. Washing can remove these precious minerals, so the best thing you can do for your skin is to replace them immediately. BEST WATER does just that, with a mineral complex that closely resembles nature’s own formula.

When skin loses softness through the processes of aging, the pores harden and appear larger. BEST WATER counteracts this tension, restoring the skin’s youthful elasticity and allowing pores to shrink naturally. The result is a soft, hydrated and fine textured complexion.


ascorbyl glucoside

How to use

  • 1~2 Pushes
  • Use your palms alternately apply through massage in around 2~3 times.
  • Try applying Best Water in small amount.
  • *Once you newly change your skincare, firmly apply Best Water through Face Pack Sheets mask for 28days.


Q: Can I use cotton and wipe my face with it?
A: Best Water is not a wipe-up-type lotion, cotton is not needed. Best Water is a Non-alcohol toner, rather than massaging, tap on skin with your palm.

Q: I feel like the toner doesn’t get into my skin at all.
A: Due to the absence of alcohol, if the skin is dry then you will feel the water does not get into it.

Q: I put in my palm but it spills when I try to apply it on my face.
A: Try to curve the palm of your hand so as create a cavity.

Q: Any different with purified water and Best Water?
A: With 30 types of different mineral elements, Best Water firmly keep the skin moisturized.

Q: I started to feel my skin rough after changing my skincare.
A: After changing to Non-alcohol skincare, the old keratin rises giving the feeling of roughness, while turnover gets better.