Oil Water Rose 100ml/200ml


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Soften skin, keep skin’s elasticity, moisturize and provide skin glowing effect.  No emulsifiers. No preservative. No SLS.

If you purchase this product you will earn 285-530 Points worth RM14.25-RM26.50!
If you purchase this product you will earn 285-530 Points worth RM14.25-RM26.50!
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  • Tightening pores.
  • Keeps your skin moisturized while balancing oil and moisture.
  • Rejuvenate and soften skin texture.
  • A 2-layer type with three kinds of organic rose oil and Damascus rose water.
  • The natural essential oil tightens pores while providing moisture needed for your skin. Get moisturized, radiance and glowing skin effect with this lotion.


  • Made without emulsifiers and synthetic surface-active agents


Rosa damascena flower water
olive fruit oil
argania spinosa kernel oil
rosa damascena flower oil
cranberry seed oil
rose oil
sunflower seed oil
wild rose oil

How to use

  • Shake more than 20 times
  • 1~2 Pushes
  • Use your palms alternately apply through massage in around 2~3 times.
  • Use after Best Water


Q: It regains its original 2-layer form right after I shake.
A: Due to the absence of emulsifier, water and oil easily separate. Please shake more than 20 times well at the moment of use.

Q: When I use it, it becomes muddy and feel like the scent has changed.
A: When you shake it on a daily basis, the emulsification process takes less time, which gives you the impression of muddiness. The sour-like scent is due to the presence of cranberry and wild rose oil.

Q: It feels like sticky.
A: Are you shaking it well? Try to apply it through massaging gently. Are you using it after Best Water? When you feel it is sticky, spread the Oil Water Rose then apply Best Water pile up with a second application.

Q: I feel like it is not moisturizing enough.
A: Are you applying less pushes? If you still have the feeling of dryness, we recommend the German Blue Beauty Oil. You may raise the moisturizing power through use the beauty oil treatment. These beauty oil have the power of smoothening the skin because they penetrate deep into the skin.

Q: Even after application, I feel like it does not get into my skin.
A: When the skin get rough due to dryness, Oil Water Rose hardly penetrates. First, Sosften tour skin well with Best Water before applying the Oil Water Rose.