Premium Rose Honey 23g


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  • Contains about 100 million lactobacillus
  • A Honey mix with Clover, Acacia, Rosemary, Rose, Mint, Manuka, Lavender, Orange etc
  • Honey contains 80 types of enzymes, is effective to beautiful skin
  • Contains Damask rose flower oil, rich in Vitamin A & C
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  • Focusing on skin-beautifying bacteria (good bacteria). Rose Honey care for an even better work of good bacteria. Help refine the skin texture by providing natural luster and firmness.
  • Damask rose flower oil, rich in vitamin A & C. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Helps reduce skin roughness for a firm and glossy skin. Additionally, fragrance components help reduce stress, increase hormonal balance as well as providing a feeling of happiness.
  • Contains French Pine extract: Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, it is said to have 50 to 200 times the power of vitamin C・E. Also, it has anti-inflammatory and tightening actions. The thick essence with abundant nutrients penetrates to the stratum corneum and helps keep in moisture.
  • A combination of 3 types of peel: mandarin orange, bitter orange, orange. These contain the bitterness that fungus dislikes. It is said that the peel has antifungal and antiviral action to protect the inside from outside air and foreign enemies.


Glycosyl trehalose
Hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch
Pine extract
Rosa canina oil
Damask rose flower oil
French maritime pine extract
Sodium lactate
Mandarin orange fruit extract
Bitter orange fruit extract
Orange peel extract


Good bacteria decomposes skin cells before they become grime (dirt) and creates a natural cream that is the sebum film. This is the basis of beautiful skin. By providing quality food (sugar), good bacteria proliferate and this may lead to improvement in Natural healing power. By incorporating ingredients that have antiviral, antifungal abilities, this keeps skin healthy and helps to get a pore-less fine-grained skin.

How to use

  • Mixed 1 drop Rose Honey with 1~2 pushes Best water, gently mixed well about 20 times & apply over the facial contour.
  • The activation of enzymes occurs around 38~40’c. For those whose hands are cold, we recommend that you warm your hands.
  • Morning use:Good bacteria create UV-decomposing enzyme to protect the skin.
  • Night use:Produce repair enzymes to encourage the regeneration of skin metabolism.


Q: It’s kind of sticky?
A: Check the amount used of Best water and Honey. If the amount of Honey is too much, the stickiness will remain. Reduce the amount and apply in several layers or increase the amount of Best Water. If you add up too much Best Water, it spill easily. Mix more than 20 times on the palm of your hand. ※When it is warmed by the body temperature, it mixes well with minerals and changes to sugar→Transform into enzyme, stickiness disappears.

Q.For people who feel itchy, people who seem to have a big number of mold and fungus.
1) Wash firmly with Alkaline soap. Get acidity out of pores. 2) Provide some heat because fungi dislikes heat. After washing the face, a hot towel is recommended.