Sencha Soap 120G


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Anti-aging facial cleansing soap. Plenty of vitamin c, perfect for even skin tone.

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  • Anti-aging cleansing soap
  • One step make-up remover and cleanser, refreshing feeling after washing
  • Effectively improves skin tones
  • Contains plenty of vitamin c that helps promotes healthy skin vitality
  • Contains carefully chosen beauty ingredients and washes your face while providing firmness


  • **Contains NO Surfactant (Chemicals added to usual cosmetic)
  • Sencha contains lots of vitamin C and is also effective for pore troubles.
  • Manufacture using one of the three greatest waters of Kyoto, the “Water of Somei”.


Sekken soji
olive fruit oil
palm oil
coconut oil
camellia sinensis seed oil
camellia sinensis leaf powder
rosa canina fruit oil
camellia sinensis catechin
grape seed oil
sweet almond oil
black strap powder
hydrolyzed silk
apricot kernel oil
avocado oil
iron oxide
walnut seed oil
camellia japonica seed oil
jojoba seed oil
evening primrose oil
sunflower seed oil
perilla seed oil
peanut oil
sesame seed oil
macadamia ternifolia oil
hazelnut seed oil
rosa damascena flower oil
tea tree leaf oil
lavender oil
cananga odorata flower oil
sandalwood oil

How To Use

Step 1:
Place the soap into warm water(40 ◦C )
Place the soap into warm water and soak it for around 40 seconds.
Step 2
Apply directly to the skin
Apply all softened surfaces to the skin directly and massage evenly
*please avoid eyes area
Step 3
Massage for 20 seconds
Massage evenly for about 20 seconds after applying the soap with wet hands.
Step 4:
Rinse with shower
After massage make sure to close your eyes tightly while rinse with water and remove all the excess.

How to store

  • After use, leave the soap standing upright on a dish in well ventilated place to air dry.
  • Keep the soap away from high temperature and humidity.


Q: Why does my soap melt?
A: Easy to melt due to heat, humidity. Better not to leave it inside bathroom, and apply the six sides of the soap.

Q: Can I wash my face with Sencha soap if I have had pimples problem?
A: Sencha soap contains lots of vitamin C and is also effective on pimples. Sencha soap is also recommended for those with pore troubles.

Q: Can I use it as a mask?
A: Due to the presence of Urea, the skin become too soft. Thus, it cannot be used as a face mask.