Who We Are

Our Belief

MYYUKI Co., Ltd. was founded in Kyoto in March 1998 with a business concept of developing, proposing and distributing environment-friendly skincare and food products made of “natural,” “organic” materials. The brand name BLACKPAINT originates from our “pore-washing soap,” which has been developed since the company’s establishment.

At our own factory in Kyoto Prefecture, we produce skincare products using quality materials procured from all over the world. Plant leaves, flowers, fruits, stems, and seeds have abundant energy. To extract the maximum power of nature, we design an optimal blend of ingredients selected from among more than 100 kinds of plant oils and essential oils to develop skincare products for aroma therapy specific to the particular skin of the face, scalp, neck, abdomen, and other parts of the body.

People enjoy aging healthily, youthfully, beautifully, and vibrantly… this is our unchanged wish.

As is often said, skin is a “mirror to the internal organs,” reflecting one’s physical condition. What we propose is skincare with a new concept of combining aroma therapy, an approach from outside the body, and “beauty food,” an approach to delivering nutrition from inside the body. That is BLACKPAINT.

We live with blessings bestowed by nature. Through the brand BLACKPAINT, we hope to communicate the importance of health-conscious living in harmony with nature.

President & CEO MYYUKI Co., Ltd.