It All Began… the story of BLACK PAINT began with a mother’s love and the search for inner and outer health for her daughter. It took much scientific study, but in the end her quest led to restored health for her child … and a line of organic skincare that enhances the body’s own renewal and self-protection processes instead of fighting them.When the founder of Black Paint Miyuki Maeda’s daughter was diagnosed with a serious “incurable”kidney disease, her outlook on life was changed forever. Her inner fighter was awakened and she realized that the power for healing was in her hands. She would not stop believing there was an answer, nor stop working until she found it, no matter how long it took or where she had to look.Miyuki studied modern physiology and bacteriology as well as traditional natural healing systems around the world. When she learned about beneficial bacteria, she saw the light. Bacteria that live symbiotically in our bodies are essential to our physical function, from digesting nutrients to protecting against disease. She realized that instead of killing those bacteria, we should nourish them so they can do their job.
The dark time of her life has now ended, thanks to her determination to never give up the fight for her family’s well-being. After the success of her “personal health study,” she knew she had to share the benefits of her wisdom with the world.


Our human bodies are a part of nature, and profoundly connected with it on every level. Without nature’s nourishing and healing materials, we could not exist. BLACK PAINT was founded on the realization that this is as true for our skin as for every other part of our body. Only pure, organic materials can return the skin to its original state of healthy, beautiful balance, while manmade chemicals cause short-term alterations but damage the skin more in the long run.

The science behind BLACK PAINT comes from Maeda’s medical researches that led to a cure for her daughter’s kidney disease. Reading about enteric bacteria gave her her breakthrough insight. Bacteria living in the digestive system normally process the food we eat, releasing nutrients and supporting the immune system. When they’re not present, our health suffers.

Maeda realized that if digestive bacteria have such an important role, so must bacteria on the skin. She honed in on staphylococcus epidermis, whose job is to form the sebum layer that keeps skin hydrated, pH balanced and protected from environmental pollutants. While most skincare products aim to sterilize the skin with anti-bacterials, anti-fungals and synthetic preservatives, the BLACK PAINT system is formulated to nourish and protect the bacteria that maintain beautiful skin naturally.

This award-winning complex mimics the nutrients and minerals that the skin itself produces through micro-biota and perspiration. Whenever the skin is lacking in those elements, whether due to inner health problems or external agents such as UV light, smog or air conditioning, it shows. Skin’s pores can become clogged and its texture rough, dry and dull. BLACK PAINT restores its balance and beauty.

We have worked long and hard to develop manufacturing processes that don’t compromise the integrity of our products. For example, BLACK PAINT soap is cold pressed — almost unheard-of these days. Cold processing allows glycerin, a plant-derived emollient, to remain in the soap instead of being boiled away. Cleansing naturally leaves skin soft, radiant and healthy. We also do not use emulsifiers to keep the oil and water elements of a formula mixed together. We believe you would rather shake the bottle before each use than have synthetic chemicals touch your skin.