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  • Baby & Mama Skinsoap 60G


    Baby & mama moisturising cleansing soap.

    ① Babies are sterile when inside the mother’s stomach, but from the moment of birth, we begin to live in symbiosis with bacteria.

    ② Baby’s and children’s skin is delicate. It is said that the skin of babies is only about 1mm thick, or half the thickness of adults.

    ③ Since babies do not secrete sebum, they are exposed to external factors such as air conditioning, UV rays, and dryness every day, so it is important to support their skin barrier functions and protect them with skincare.

    ④ The baby&mama skincare line is designed to protect the skin of children, who have the greatest number of good bacteria existing on their skin.

    ⑤ baby&mama soap is easy to use, and no foaming is required.

    ⑥ Dissolve it in warm water (≈40°C) and gently massage it into your skin. Then rinse off gently with water or with a gauze soaked in plenty of warm water (≈40°C). For mothers, babies, and any member of the family to maintain healthy skin. Protect your face and body with organic skincare made without any chemicals.