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  • Hair Oil 60ml


    This Hair Oil contains Human Lactobacillus!

    Thanks to the introduction of Human Lactobacillus, you can now provide an even higher care for your scalp and hair. When used for the scalp, it is beneficial for the good bacteria. When used for hair, it becomes smooth and moisturized.


  • Hair Treatment 300ml


    This Hair Treatment contains Human Lactobacillus!

    Human Lactobacillus acts on hair stiffness, smell…etc. and leads to moisturized hair. We blended 8 kinds of honey: Manuka・Acacia・Clover・Mint・Lavender・Orange・Rosemary・Rose.


  • Houjisencha Soap 120g (Anti-Aging Face Wash)


    Houjisencha Soap is an anti-aging facial cleansing soap. Design for delicate skin, rich in polyphenols and specially formulated for eczema. It is also a one-step makeup remover and cleanser.

  • Human Microbiome (Lactobacillus) Silver Ag Starter Set

    Human Microbiome (Lactobacillus) Silver Ag Starter Set

    • Premium Black Paint 20g
    • Premium Best Water Silver Ag 30ml
    • Premium Human Lactic Acid Bacteria Essence 3ml
    • Premium German Blue 5ml
    • Premium Water Cream Silver Ag 5g
  • Koicha Soap 120g (Tea Soap)


    Koicha Soap (Tea Soap) is great for anti-aging & serves as an anti-oxidant. It lightens your pigmentation, brighten your tone, and moisturize your dry skin. It is also a one-step makeup remover and cleanser.

  • Lactobacillus Bacteria Toothpaste 100g


    Chemical-Free Domestic Organic Toothpaste. Brushing is the most important part of brushing your teeth. Reuteri bacteria toothpaste is a soap toothpaste, so there is little foaming, making it easier to be conscious of brushing.

    Although it has a mint flavor, it contains 10 kinds of organic oils such as peppermint oil and eucalyptus leaf oil, giving it a mellow freshness without any harshness. No chemicals used.

  • Lactobacillus Essence 10ml


    The main purpose of lactobacillus essence is to feed the skin microbiome, allow the good bacteria to grow and help the skin to be even healthier.

    Apply two pushes on the palm of your hand then mix using your other hand in circles around 10 times.

  • Matcha Soap 120g (Anti-Aging Cleansing Bar)


    Matcha Soap is an anti-aging cleansing bar designed to tighten pores and effectively treat acne. It is also a one-step makeup remover and cleanser.

  • Oil Water Rose 100ml / 200ml


    Soften skin, keep skin’s elasticity, moisturize and provide skin glowing effect.  No emulsifiers. No preservative. No SLS.

  • Sale!

    Organic Omega 369 210g

    • Granted Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award for Six (6) Consecutive Years.
    • Formulated In Japan
    • Country of Origin – Germany
    • A blend of 9 organic oils
    • A High-grade Inner care product for a well-balanced absorption of fatty acids
    • Fatty acids is one of the essential nutrients to human diet

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  • Ostrich Balm 25g

    Ostrich Balm 25g


    Rich ostrich oil combined with 20 types of organic plants oils. Provide firming and skin elasticity. Used both morning and night as a moisturizer for dry skin. Can be used as lip balm.

  • Otto Soap 120g (Nourishing Facial Cleansing Bar)


    Otto Soap is a nourishing facial cleansing bar. Use it in the morning to remove surface dirt & oil and to refresh the skin.